Here at OLN Inc., we know that at the start of a career it can be hard to know where to or what skills you might need to succeed. It can be nearly impossible to find a starting point in this endeavor, and for many, it results in complete defeat. A career will go through many shifts and transformations within a number of years, so it can be hard to decipher which skills one must develop. However, there are those transferable skills that build a valuable and adaptable employee in nearly any field or industry. For those who are looking to be of value to any employer, these are the skills for you.

Student Mentality

In the interview phase, no company expects you to know everything about the industry or the ways in which their company functions. The greatest thing a potential candidate can bring to the table is teachability and an openness to learn from an employer. Never walk into a new environment as a “know it all,” we all have something to learn from those who come before us, especially in a work environment.

Ability to Visualize

We know how the mantra goes, “started from the bottom…” The success of a new employee rests in the ability to visualize a future for themselves. Those who walk into their first job experiences and lose patience after not seeing a six-figure paycheck immediately are destined to fail. Everyone starts somewhere, and as a young entrepreneur, you will only go as far as you plan.


Sure, this may be a concept that we all learned in elementary school, and sure, we might all be tired of hearing the world. However, here at OLN Inc., we are built on a foundation of teamwork and understanding. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. Despite the competitive environment created in this industry, the greatest thing that you can do for yourself is to help someone else.

Ability to Accept Criticism

The only way to truly succeed is to fail and to accept that failure. Failure is not a death sentence, it is an ability to learn and grow. In order to succeed in business, a young entrepreneur must accept these defeats with grace and continue to work harder each and every day. No matter the industry, an employee who is unable to accept criticism and learn will be an employee with a short career.

By developing and harnessing these skills, a business beginner is setting up a path for success. From all of us here at OLN, we wish you the best of luck in this endeavor. Who knows, these skills might lead you directly to our door.

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