OLN-Inc-TopGun201600004One of the perks of being based in Los Angeles is that we are right in the center of the entrepreneurial action! A few members of the OLN Inc team had the opportunity to attend an annual industry event called Top Gun, a small and highly selective seminar for up-and-coming industry players. Michele, Daniel, and Estevan, the lucky representatives of our firm, got to learn from and network with the key players in the sales and marketing world. They met lots of new people, all of whom earned a spot in the seminar due to aptitude, resilience, and eagerness to progress. The event was a fantastic opportunity for our team to learn from great mentors who have been in their shoes. Michele, Daniel, and Estevan are extremely hardworking people, each with a wonderful leadership presence in our office, so it was our greatest pleasure to reward them with the opportunity to attend this career-changing event.

It was a jam-packed long weekend. The event kicked off on Thursday night with a delicious Italian dinner at Buca Di Beppo, where all of the attendees had a chance to meet and get to know each other. On Friday morning, we met at our client broker’s offices to begin the seminar. We engaged in interesting discussions about becoming a great leader in order to inspire greatness in a team. Our president, Eli, spoke at the conference as well, about the subject of national expansion. Other subjects included team synergy; team identity; moving from employee mindset to entrepreneur mindset; getting in the zone and performing your best; and the importance of discussing big picture goals. We were also really excited to hear from our client broker’s president who talked about huge opportunities and goals to achieve by 2020. The weekend also included an on-site luncheon, outdoor team-building exercises, the handing out of awards, and dinner out on the town.

OLN-Inc-TopGun201600009Top Gun weekend provided exciting insights into the future of our business. We had a glimpse of the incredible talent and tremendous aptitude of our businesses’s future leaders. We also heard about exciting new developments with our existing clients, as well as opportunities to add new high-profile clients to our portfolio. This was all topped off by a really great time with really great people. We truly could not be more excited about the work that we do, who we do it with, and the future of OLN Inc.

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