OLN Inc just returned from a fantastic accelerated leadership training event

Luvvon of OLN IncLeadership training is an important part of the daily routine at OLN Inc for participants in our Management Training Program. This week we attended a supplemental training at our broker partner’s headquarters where we participated in 4 interesting seminars relating to the outsourced marketing industry. The first seminar, Time Management, focused on Stephen Covey’s famous principle of putting first things first. We discussed the importance of identifying priorities and taking necessary action to make sure the right things receive immediate attention. The second seminar was entitled Personal Finance. Here we learned about taxation rules and deductions. We discussed credit and interest, how to save money, as well as financial planning for first-year business owners. In the third seminar, Industry Goals, we listened to a successful CEO discuss international opportunities, mid-market expansion, route sales, and taking over retail outsourcing. It was exciting for OLN Inc to hear about the many future opportunities to take advantage of. Our final seminar was about Critical Conversations. We were taught a useful step-by-step model of how to engage in effective critical conversations to ensure that goals are agreed upon by both parties. An important skill set, indeed.

At OLN Inc we enjoy training events that expose us to new ways of thinking about the work that we do and the goals that we’re striving for. This was an impressive event in which each person left with a new fund of knowledge and an extra shot of motivation for the week!

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Elijah Medge OLN Inc

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