Some lucky members of the OLN Inc organization just returned from one of our favorite annual events called Top Gun

This year, OLN Inc‘s president invited his top two performing leaders, Matt Breaux and Amanda Long to visit one of our broker partner’s headquarters in sunny California for an opportunity to network, learn, gain business exposure, and be rewarded for their hard work. While in town, the OLN Inc crew received hands on coaching, learned about new campaigns of new clients, new market opportunities, and new exciting pilots.  They also got to participate in team building and goal-setting exercises as well as strategy sessions.  The president of OLN Inc was a guest speaker at the event and spoke on the subject of The Oz Principle and the importance of accountability in an entrepreneurial environment. After several breakfasts, meetings with high level executives, campaign breakouts, and a dinner at the Twisted Tavern, the trip was capped off with a fun beach day on Saturday.  Top Gun was a fantastic event that served as an excellent representation of all of the things that we love about what we do.  Now we look forward to next year!…

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