We are proud to announce that OLN Inc was recognized as the “Office of the Month” by our high-profile mobility client for the month of August.

OLN-Inc-Long-BeachWe were notified today by the company’s Vice President of Mobility Sales that OLN Inc has successfully outsold all competing outsourced firms representing the client.  We are proud to have demonstrated consistently high volumes of customer acquisition and low rejects. This stems from having the highest headcount on the campaign and sticking to a plan of executing aggressive growth goals. We will be rewarded with a catered dinner for the team on our client’s dime.

The OLN Inc team has certainly caught on quickly. It was just 3 months ago that we learned this new campaign when we made the move to California from Tennessee. The transition was challenging, especially since we had to adjust to not only a new market, but also a new industry. Despite the challenges, the team was motivated as ever take the top spot. There are 42 other companies that represent our client nationwide, and with everyone fighting for the top spot, our successful month in August required commitment, focus, and execution to perform at the highest level. We were transparent with our productivity day to day, monitoring how we were progressing and identifying the things to work on to climb in the rankings.

Another component of getting the OLN Inc team to push through the month was our August Bell Craze challenge. This was a competition that rewarded the productivity of each representative on a point system. The 6 people with the most points at the end of the month were able to earn prizes given out by the management team. The prizes included a 48” LCD Vizio TV, an Apple TV, an Amazon Kindle, a Samsung sound bar, Bluetooth headphones, and a Google Chromecast. These extra incentives pushed the team to work hard this month to accomplish their goals.

OLN Inc is extremely grateful for our team’s efforts in achieving this goal. As a group, we are committed to continuing to work hard to maintain our consistency in the rankings. We are proud to be awarded a plaque to hang up in the office… and are even more excited for a delicious catered dinner paid for by our client. A huge congratulations to the whole team!

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