OLN-Inc-Long-Beach-00002We’ve got exciting news!

OLN Inc has been recognized — for the second year in a row — as one of the 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For. This means that we’ve been designated as one of the most influential, trend-setting companies across the country, which is a very cool distinction. Few things are as important to us as providing a great work environment for our staff. Our people are the core of our business, and therefore our number one investment. It feels great to be recognized for our efforts — and we’ve only got our fantastic team to thank!

So how did OLN Inc get chosen?

The 2015 competition evaluated organizations based upon their commitments to excellence in their HR practices and employee enrichment programs. Companies were assessed based upon categories including:

  • Communication
  • Work-life balance
  • Employee education
  • Diversity
  • Recognition
  • Retention

The future is bright for OLN Inc. In 2015 we had our most successful year in business since our inception in 2007. We have received top honors from our high-profile mobility client. We have delivered impeccable sales results while withholding the highest standards of integrity. Best of all, we have built an incredibly strong team that we’re extremely proud of.