This weekend the OLN Inc crew gathered to support our company’s dedicated philanthropy, Operation Smile


Perry helping to raise money

OLN Inc split up into four teams to raise money for this excellent cause.  We sent teams to various Los Angeles beaches: Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Hermosa Beach and Venice Beach, where we informed beach-goers of Operation Smile and collected cash donations.  Our office dog, Perry, wore an Operation Smile brochure, and helped generate traffic from all of the people who wanted to pet her.  We were overwhelmed by people’s appreciation for the cause.  After just a few hours, we were able to raise enough money to pay for the life-changing surgeries of four children.  We asked the president of OLN Inc about why this is an important cause to the company and he shared, “It is so important to help people out who can’t help themselves.”

Operation Smile is a non-profit medical service organization that provides cleft lift and palate repair surgeries to children. Children who are born with facial deformities suffer from difficulties eating and drinking; as well as hearing loss, ear infections, speech and language delay, and dental problems–and this doesn’t begin to cover the social implications of being a young child who looks and sounds different from his or her peers.


The OLN Inc team heading out to raise money

Operation Smile organizes international volunteer missions to provide cleft lip and palate repair in developing countries, coordinates programs for training physicians from around the world, manages programs to assist host countries in reaching cleft lip and cleft palate repair self-sufficiency, supports education and research programs to eradicate cleft lips and palates, and organizes global volunteer programs for high-school and college students.  You can help the cause by visiting the Operation Smile donation page.

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