The OLN Inc management team took its most recently promoted team leaders on a networking trip to the home office of their client brokerage company.

The visit started off with a unique team building exercise: Each person was blindfolded and had to grab onto part of a long rope. The group was challenged to form a perfect square with the rope, using only the tools of verbal communication. The exercise required listening skills, collaboration, respect, and taking initiative.

Next, the OLN Inc team enjoyed a sponsored lunch as well as a tour of the facility. The group was impressed by the company’s friendly culture and fun amenities such as a pool table, gym, and library.

The tour was followed by a series of seminars, starting with Ken Blanchard’s coaching model known as “Situational Leadership”. For this group of newer team leaders, this was a particularly important discussion, as it gave them the tools to choose a coaching method based upon a trainee’s individual developmental progress.

The team leaders of OLN Inc also had the opportunity to meet with the brokerage company’s CEO to discuss his vision for the industry and the opportunities available for our team. He provided interesting insight about entry level positions in general, and he discussed the importance of gaining sales experience early in one’s career. He also shared insight about character development in regard to sticking with a challenge and seeing it through to resolution.

The next seminar was on the topic of personal finance. We were lucky to listen to a talk from one of the firm’s top CPAs about budgeting, tools for saving money, and setting oneself up for financial success.

To wrap up the day, we spoke with the firm’s president and had a chance to ask questions. With over 20 years of experience in the field, she had great insight on the industry’s future. It was great to pick her brain and gain a true understanding of what it takes to climb to the top of one’s field.

Overall this was a great experience that allowed the OLN Inc team to bond, network, and learn about the bigger picture of the business that they’re a part of.


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