OLN INC BLOG COVER PHOTO00001OLN Inc:  What interested you in our firm?
Luvvon:  The opportunity to be in management, eventually overseeing an organization, and the ongoing training and support to hone my sales skills.

OLN Inc:  Where did you go to college?
Luvvon:  I graduated with a BA in Business Administration from ITT Technical Institute. Currently, I am working to finish my Master’s in Marketing to better understand the industry.

OLN Inc:  What are some of your hobbies?
Luvvon:  Some of my hobbies include my Mary Kay business, where I consult my customers on skin care and beauty trends, reading and catching up with friends.

OLN Inc:  What does success mean to you?
Luvvon:  Success is defined as setting a goal, then exceeding it; if you have done that, then you are successful.

OLN Inc:  What were you doing before working here?
Luvvon:  Before coming to OLN Inc, I worked as an account manager for a small media firm. I enjoy the variety and freedom the position offered but was looking for a strong training program to teach me what I didn’t know and master what I did know.

OLN Inc:  What are your long term goals personally and professionally?
Luvvon:  My long term goals include moving into investment analysis, real estate investing and then eventually venture capitalism in addition to being a great trainer, motivator, influence and coach.

OLN Inc:  What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?
Luvvon:  Something most people don’t know is that I was in Girl Scouts for 6 years growing up.

OLN Inc:  If you could donate $1,000,000 to a charity which one would it be?
Luvvon:  I would donate 1,000,000 to Planned Parenthood even though it’s not a charity. This non-profit offers affordable women’s health care and has made great strides towards women’s right in the US. These centers are getting underfunded due to political disagreements and it is causing many women to forgo preventative health care.

OLN Inc:  What motivates you?
Luvvon:  What motivates me is the opportunity to compete against myself to see how far I am able to go and how much I can do.  I am big picture oriented so I am all about the end goal. Once I reach it, I move on to another goal until I get it.

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