OLN-Inc-Long-Beach-KTS-00012OLN Inc is known in Long Beach for a few things: impeccable results for our clients; a killer Management Training Program; awesome developmental opportunities for our staff; and a corporate culture that recognizes performance.

One of the perks of advancing in our firm is the opportunity to travel across the country on a regular basis. Our executive team just returned from an event that we attend at the start of each new year, called Keys to Success. The creme de la creme of the sales and marketing industry from across the country attend this conference, making it a can’t-miss networking opportunity for our team. Plus – we can’t help but love the name of this particular conference; after all, the ‘keys to success’ are precisely what all businesses are looking for!

After his long weekend in the Lone Star State, we asked our president, Eli, to share some of his experiences. He impressed us with a play by play in photos, so much that we felt we were there! Check out our Instagram for a recap of the weekend!


Q:  What was your favorite part about the event and overall experience?

A:  My favorite part of the conference was getting to witness the public recognition of two of my colleagues, who have each achieved stellar performance in our industry over the course of the last several years. It’s always invigorating to see someone get recognized or get promoted, and it makes me even more excited about what we’re doing here at OLN Inc.

I also really enjoyed receiving some one on one coaching with other industry executives. I’m lucky to have mentors who help me to better oversee an organization with dozens of employees.

Q:  What impact will this conference have on your next steps as a business owner?

A:  This event re-energizes me in the sense that it reminds to lead my team by example and through actions, rather than words. It allows me to reconnect with some of my favorite people I’ve ever coached in the 7 years and see the impact of my work.

Q:  Did anything entertaining happen during your time in Texas?!

A:  I actually got to hear about several new expansion plans, bonuses and growth opportunities our client will be rolling out this new year. I am excited to have our office represent one of the fastest telecommunication firms nationally. The nation’s favorite “uncarrier” is carrying some major weight into the ring this 2016!


The event served as an important reminder about each of the essentials in running a successful business: hard work, ambition, proper mentorship and integrity. We dug deep into leadership training in team breakouts, had a wonderful time meeting new people, enjoyed connecting with old industry friends, and ate TONS of food! We left with overflowing energy and enthusiasm — and very full stomachs. Here’s to breaking records in 2016!

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