OLN-Inc-Operation-Smile-00004At OLN Inc ‘giving back’ is a large part of our company’s cultural beliefs. One way we have found to do so is by partnering with an organization called Operation Smile. If you aren’t familiar with their mission, it’s definitely worth checking out here.

In short, they provide surgeries to children around the world that suffer from cleft lips or palates that do not have the financial or medicinal means to do so themselves.

But we’re not doctors or surgeons, so how can we help? Well, it only costs $240 for a surgery to change a child’s entire future. So the team here in Los Angeles has decided to periodically dedicate a few hours of their time to host events to raise money for this amazing cause.

We recently partnered with a local biker club to hold an event at a bowling alley in LA. The cost was a minimum of five dollars for entrance, where friends and family could come and enjoy raffles, food and drink specials and check out all of the motorcycles from the club. One lucky raffle winner went home with a 55 inch television, and bikers even received trophies for some of the best motorcycles. All of the proceeds were donated to Operation Smile and we are proud to say that the OLN Inc event raised enough money to provide 10 surgeries! That’s over $2,400 in just one night of bowing, bikes and fun!

OLN-Inc-Operation-Smile-00002Philanthropic involvement is something that most people want to do but don’t always know how or where to start. This is why OLN Inc provides employees an avenue to ‘give back’. Team members are encouraged to not only participate but also help organize and come up with new ideas for charity events throughout the year. Being able to make a difference in someone’s life is a very powerful thing. You might even consider it addicting. After seeing how big of an impact something, that seems so small (whether it be time or money) has, it’s very likely that you want to do it again! We can’t wait to see what the next event will hold – and how many more smiles we will help change throughout the year.

What else is happening here in Carson, CA? Check out our team bulletin to see what’s already happened this week!