This month, our OLN Inc. team had the great pleasure of sitting down with Jessica Honey, our resident HR recruiter here in our office. We are grateful each and every day for the opportunity to watch Jessica work and add such great value to our team. Following the tune of the holiday season, we have decided to shine a spotlight on Jessica’s incredible work through a one-on-one interview about life, business, and success.

Jessica Honey was born in Abilene, Texas, and raised in a neighboring town called Merkel. As a kid, Honey remembers being quite shy. “I was never in trouble,” says Honey, “I was always sitting with the adults rather than playing with the other kids. I grew up in a small town, so everyone played every sport there was. During my freshman year, I decided to put sports aside and focus on my academics, however, that competitive environment taught me how to have the same character when I lost as when I won.”

Honey’s focus on academics didn’t end after high school graduation, and her curious edge remains present even today. “My college path is a bit odd,” says Honey, “I obtained 2 Bachelor’s degrees in 3.5 years from two different schools in two different states. My goal was to finish as quickly as possible, which I achieved, but that forced me to miss out on some extracurricular activities. I’m an introvert anyway, so socializing wasn’t at the top of my priority list.”

After snagging two degrees in less time than it takes most people to get one, Jessica Honey joined the OLN Inc. team in January 2012. “I never saw myself in a role that focused on people interaction,” says Honey, “I was honestly terrified that I took a job requiring me to talk to people face to face, but I loved what I saw when I looked at the company. It looked like a fun, yet professional atmosphere, which was definitely something that stood out as unique from other companies.”

Since that fateful January day, Jessica Honey has seen endless growth and success within the office of OLN. “The culture is so high energy and fun,” says Honey, “this career has changed the way I view just about everything. I learned how to communicate effectively, how to stand up for what I believe in, and how to coach others to reach their full potential. I also learned that having sales skills is a vital thing to have.”

Honey’s work as a recruiter has had a large hand in the cultivation of culture that has occurred in our office. She has worked tirelessly to build a team that we are proud of, and jumpstart careers for the industry’s best and brightest. She was kind enough to give us some insight into the mind of the recruiter. “I always explain to potential job candidates that our culture is very competitive and motivating in a healthy way,” says Honey, “it’s always good to work around goal driven people. I look for qualities that I know I’d enjoy working with. The main quality I push for people is a ‘down for whatever’ attitude.”

For those of you looking ahead at college graduation, or getting your feet wet in the job market, Honey has the tips for you. “My best resume advice for potential candidates is to put effort into it,” says Honey, “If you can’t put effort into a resume to tell me about yourself and your accomplishments, I don’t see you putting effort into a job.”

As for her goals, Jessica Honey has no hesitation. “My goal is to promote another office by late spring and transition from recruiting into a coaching role by summer.”