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Current Opening: Entry Level Leadership & Management Development

OLN Inc is hiring for Entry Level Leadership & Management positions. We will cross-train in all areas of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Human Resources, Account Management, and Campaign Management.

Success isn’t something that just happens – success is learned, success is practiced, and then it is shared. Here at OLN Inc, we believe that the success of our future depends on finding the right candidate, training from the ground up, and promoting from within. This is an ENTRY LEVEL position that focuses on the development of someone from the ground floor position into a managerial role.

We are looking for goal-oriented, high-performing individuals who want to succeed in a highly competitive, but NOT cut-throat environment. We have a friendly team environment with no glass ceiling. We provide large corporations that oversee major national brands with the smiles, handshakes, and faces they desperately need to acquire a high volume of new, profitable customers through B2B sales! We provide our high performers with unlimited income and growth potential.

OLN Inc Also Offers

  • Gas Allowance
  • Base Pay + Commission + Bonuses
  • Discounted Gym Memberships
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Health Benefits

We do NOT engage in any residential door-to-door sales, telephone sales, graphic design, or cold calling.

Success in this line of work starts with having a positive attitude, great work ethic, and professional image. You will gain hands-on experience and acquire the skills you need to be successful while working at OLN Inc. Candidates with great communication and interpersonal skills thrive in this environment. A 4-year degree is preferred but not required. The right mindset is more crucial than experience.


Current Opening: Territory Sales Manager

All managers at OLN Inc started as entry level Territory Sales Managers, learning the basics of the direct marketing field. Regardless of prior education or work experience, we do not hire outside personnel to run new branch offices and promote organically instead. Why? Because all managers need to be able to effectively train and coach others. They also need to have the credibility to do so, which is best gained through first-hand experience. Our 4-step Management Training Program focuses on the development of business skills by focusing on a variety of key components each step of the way.

Step 1: Territory Sales Manager

The initial stage of management training requires developing a strong understanding of our business approach. Territory Sales Managers are trained to deal with business vendors face-to-face and perform small business presentations. They learn to adapt to a fast-paced marketing environment in a highly saturated commercial market. Sales is the foundation of any business and our intention is to develop the strongest foundation in our team.

Step 2: Team Lead Territory Sales Manager

As a Team Lead, your main duties will include coaching and training others. Team Leads become skilled in delegating responsibilities and overseeing production.

Step 3: Assistant Manager

Here you will master the essential components of running a business. You will learn various business management tasks such as financial planning, interviewing and recruiting, payroll and administration, and human resources. You will travel to other branch offices and will also gain experience managing large groups of people.

Step 4: Area Manager

Area managers have direct control over a respective branch. You will meet regularly with our clients’ executive team for campaign logistics and planning.

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Employee Testimonials


Landon Wright“Since working at OLN Inc there’s been great overall improvement in my life these past few years. I was previously self-employed and always had a ton on my plate, but I rarely felt productive. OLN Inc has taught me how to have discipline  and how to actually achieve my goals. I have always been ambitious, but because of OLN Inc, I am completely confident that I will be successful. I have truly enjoyed my progress here, and I am excited to be helping others develop too.” -L. Wright




Jessica Honey“In 2012, I was the typical college graduate with a degree and no real plan of how to get my career started. This being my first job out of college, I had a lot to learn about everything. Since starting here I have gained skills in sales, marketing, leadership, public speaking, and the basics of what it takes to run a successful business. Our leadership team provides an atmosphere that encourages high energy, creativity, and offers feedback every step of the way. OLN Inc truly gives people the foundation they need to run a successful organization, regardless of their experience coming in.” -J.Honey




Matthew Breaux“I’ve been with OLN Inc for well over year now and I have never been given an opportunity like what I’ve been given here. This was a rare chance for me to learn all the necessary skills and tools to run my own business. This opportunity isn’t for everyone, but for people who have the ambition, the work ethic, and the student mentality, it’s ideal because your success is up to you. I know that I am going to work for myself one day and I am excited to give others the opportunity that I’ve been given here.” -M. Breaux




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Work Environment

OLN Inc 00027At OLN Inc we take pride in creating an awesome work environment for our staff. There are no cubicles, no mopey faces, and there’s no micromanagement. We are an energetic group of entrepreneurially-minded professionals and we are passionate about what we do.

We strongly believe that productivity is a direct result of feeling happy. We undoubtedly work harder than the average group, but we’re always laughing while doing it.

We are competitive individually, but we operate as a unified team. Senior staff meets daily with newer employees to mentor and motivate them. Peers meet with peers to discuss challenges and wins. We encourage learning and mistakes and we value leading by example.

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Team Nights

Team night is a weekly OLN Inc tradition that goes back to our first week in business. Every Thursday night the whole team gets together for some after-work bonding and relaxation. Friends and family are always invited, but the venue changes from week to week.

Check out these photos from recent team nights…

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Conferences offer great opportunities to network and learn from the best in the business world. They also facilitate the perfect way to build relationships and find mentors. OLN Inc attends at least one conference each quarter.

Here are some pictures of our team at recent conferences…

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Another OLN Inc philosophy is that when you work hard it earns you the right to play hard! Our team gets to travel at least once a quarter throughout the United States and sometimes internationally. Recently we’ve been to beautiful places such as Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Mexico and Peru.

Here are some pictures of the team reaping the benefits of their hard work…

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Frequently Asked Questions by People Applying for Employment at OLN Inc

What will my salary be?
You probably already know this, but we can’t answer this question before interviewing you, seeing your resume, and determining which position at you are best suited for.

Will my pay be commission only?
Compensation plans include a guaranteed base pay with performance incentives as well as full performance options. Some positions are eligible for conditional bonuses and commissions. Entry level paychecks for ‘average performers’ are consistent with the national average for entry level jobs — and top performers have the opportunity to earn significantly more.

What benefits are offered?
Health insurance partial reimbursement; Accident insurance through Aflac; Paid sick days; Gas allowances; Gym membership reimbursement; Travel incentives. Note that certain perks are dependent upon an individual’s length of employment or measured performance.

I just graduated and don’t have much experience. Should I still apply?
Yes. OLN Inc is known for its incredibly thorough and hands-on training, which is perfect for someone just starting his or her career. Our Management Training Program is a great extension of the college experience

Are there advancement opportunities?
Absolutely! Unlike most corporate positions, we have a strict NON-SENIORITY based advancement structure. If you work hard and perform well in your role, there is no reason why you wouldn’t be promoted at least 2-3 times within your first year. During your new employee orientation we will set very clear guidelines and standards are set in regards to upward mobility.

What are the biggest challenges that I would face?
If you join our Management Training Program you’ll be dealing with all of the realities of a people-centric business. The human component of our business is something that entry level employees have to be mentally mature enough to handle on a day to day basis. All customers have different personalities and employees have to learn to adapt to them all. An entrepreneurial mindset is essential, so our firm invests a lot of time and energy into developing that mindset within individuals that don’t naturally have it.

What separates successful from unsuccessful employees at OLN Inc?
Those who have done well have maintained a consistently positive attitude, a persistent work ethic, and a humble student mentality.

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