Outsourced Licensee Network, Inc., Home Based Business Marketing, Carson, CA



About OLN Inc

Outsourced Licensee Network Inc. or OLN Inc is an outsourced boutique direct marketing firm headquartered in Long Beach, CA, with offices in Seattle, WA. We opened our doors in 2007 in Nashville, TN, and have since expanded to multiple locations throughout the United States, like Atlanta, GA. We specialize in acquiring and retaining small business customers on behalf of large corporations. We bridge the gap between large multi-billion dollar clients and small business consumers by building relationships through face-to-face settings. Our clients are industry leaders in technology, wireless, office supply, energy, water services and telecommunications.

OLN Inc has capitalized on the recent outsourcing revolution, in which large companies are delegating their marketing and sales to specialized boutique firms. Outsourcing has allowed these corporate giants to focus their time and resources on what they do best while allowing the OLN Inc team to do what we do best.

We are proud of our excellent reputation, which we attribute to our 100% commitment to integrity. We are also pleased to have been selected as one of the 101 National Best and Brightest Companies to Work For for eight years consecutively We continue every day to uphold only the highest standards of honesty and excellence.

Products & Services: 

As an outsourced sales and marketing firm, our services include business-to-business customer acquisition and territory sales management. Since our founding in 2007, OLN Inc has created a business committed to high-quality results with expertise in customer acquisitions. Our services are what make us unique and competitive.

The OLN Inc team executes unique business-to-business campaigns within a target market. Our account managers meet face-to-face with business owners in the Southern California market rather than conducting business over the phone. We are experts at delivering value and efficiency to small businesses through a consultative marketing approach. Interacting face-to-face allows initiating, maintaining, and growing relationships within the business community, facilitating recognition, credibility, and unparalleled loyalty.

We prioritize Below-The-Line direct marketing, which is sought out by companies that seek the highest return on investment and the most immediate impact on their bottom lines. We provide the most dynamic, yet traditional marketing tool: one-on-one human interaction and genuine relationship-building. We take great pride in our ability to target our clients’ consumer bases yearly and continue to penetrate their desired markets relentlessly.

Refund & Exchange Policy: 
OLN Inc provides exceptional services, and because we only provide services face-to-face, we do not offer returns or exchanges. 



For Our Company

To develop an organization of highly successful and profitable offices led by motivated and focused managers.

For Our Clients

To create necessity for their products and services by creating strong, genuine relationships with their customers.

For Our Employees

To provide opportunity for growth and financial independence based on a tried-and-true marketing approach, diligent leadership, and commitment to standards.

For Our Customers

To consult their businesses with the goal of improving efficiency and lowering overhead.